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March 5, 2021  

Not Hotel California, But Close

Welcome to the Cecil Hotel where you can check out any time you like, but you might never leave. In this episode, we discuss the two recent documentaries about the Cecil Hotel: the Netflix special as well as the Ghost Adventures special investigation. One thing's for sure, this place gives us the creeps. 

March 2, 2021  

Haunted Austrailia

In honor of the country with our second highest number of streams, we decided to visit haunted Australia for this episode. We discuss Walhalla Ghost Town, Port Arthur, the National Sound and Film Archive, and Fremantle Prison. Get ready for a ghostly adventure down under!

February 26, 2021  

Bad Hair Day? Nah, Just “Bad Hair”

We've all had bad hair days, but has your hair ever tried to murder people? We bet probably not. Our last film review of Black History Month centers around this creative film from Justin Simien, which features a primarily Black cast as they battle cursed weaves in 1989. Streaming exclusively on Hulu, we highly recommend giving this film a watch!

February 24, 2021  

That Voodoo That You Do So Well

While it's also known by the names of Vodou and Vodun, Voodoo is religion that is rich in history, ritual, and common misconceptions. In this episode, we discuss two of the main three branches of Voodoo that are practiced around the world today, specifically Louisiana and Haitian Voodoo. We learned a ton researching for this episode and we hope you do too

February 19, 2021  

Blacula Review

What do you get when you mix the theater genius of William Marshall, vampires, and the seventies? Blacula! In this episode, we discuss this groundbreaking classic, which was penned as the first Black horror film and we give a brief history of Blaxploitation films. If you're local to the LA area, you may recognize some of the spots from this one as much of it was filmed in Watts and Playa del Rey.

February 17, 2021  

Toyland, Toyland, Haunted Girl and Boy-land

Most people can think of a toy that freaks them out, but some of these are downright eerie. In this episode we discuss a few haunted toys that are what nightmares are made of. Tune in to hear more!

February 11, 2021  

We’re Going Back Someday, Come What May to….Eve’s Bayou!

What has drama, voodoo, ghosts, murder, and a powerhouse cast? "Eve's Bayou!" Not necessarily a traditional horror film, but there's lots of suspense in this gothic thriller. Featuring an all Black cast and directed/written by Kasi Lemmons, we always love giving this film a watch. We can't think of a better way to honor Black History Month than with a review of this classic.

February 10, 2021  

Booooooook Club: Lovecraft Country

It's time for another fabulous boooooook club review. We love a good sci-fi novel, and "Lovecraft Country" by Matt Ruff didn't disappoint. While it's fairly different from the HBO Max series, the book definitely didn't disappoint. Spoiler alert, we tell you who lives in the book that didn't last in the series, and the characters that altogether didn't exist.

January 29, 2021  

Ghost Adventures: Quarantine Review

Are you looking for some good ghost stories in quarantine? Look no further than the four part quarantine special from Ghost Adventures! In this episode, we review the four parts of this eerie series in which the folks from Ghost Adventures lock down and investigate the Zak Bagan's haunted museum in Las Vegas. 

January 27, 2021  

Demon Cats, Seances, and Presidential Premonitions…Oh My!

In case our international listeners didn't know, the US just had an inauguration of a new President last week, so what better way to kick off this week than with an episode on haunted Presidents and the ghostly White House? We discuss the seances (yes, seances) held at this famous home, the demon black cat of the nation's capital, the "thing" and other ghosts, plus Abraham Lincoln's eerie premonition of his own death.

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