We LOVE a good ghost story, but we REALLY LOVE a good urban legend. We trade stories that you know, and some that you may not be as familiar with. We also discuss Sara's favorite 3am rabbit hole: creepypastas!

When we heard of the drive-in theater success of the film "The Wretched," we knew we had to check it out. In this episode, we'll talk about the film, where the story came from, and how it's been such a success story during the pandemic.

We don't know about all of you, but we've been reading quite a bit during quarantine. In this episode, we discuss the novel "Doctor Sleep." We discuss the book, as well as the film that hit theaters in late 2019.

We love a good werewolf movie, so this week we discuss the classic film "Wolfman" from 1941 versus the 2010 remake of the same name. We loved the original, but the remake had some bright spots as well (even if it bombed). Which was your favorite?

Get out of my dreams and into my hearse. In this episode we discuss all things Dearly Departed Tours in Hollywood, CA. We'll walk you through their tour offerings, YouTube channel, and their famous artifact museum.

From 1982 to 2019, we talk all things Creepshow spanning the original movie to the new TV series on Shudder/AMC. We had some loves, and some that we could do without, but it's definitely still worth a watch.

What's crowded with bodies, but open during quarantine? Cemeteries of course! In this episode we discuss some of our favorite socially distant (if you count six feet under) cemeteries and their history. We discuss Hollywood Forever, Granary Burying Ground, Bonaventure Cemetery, and Howard Street Cemetery.

In order to lift the voices of black artists in horror, we picked three different films starring black actors: Night of the Living Dead, Candyman, and Get Out.

The Jackal, the Torn Prince, the Hammer, you name them, we talk about them. This episode discusses the ever popular 2001 film "Thirteen Ghosts" by special request from one of our listeners. We compare this version to the William Castle version from 1960. 

We'd all love to be out having spooky fun right now, but unfortunately we're still on lock down. In this episode, we discuss some great virtual tours you can do of haunted places to get your fix until shelter in place orders are lifted.

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