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May 21, 2021  

Mortuary Collection Review

This episode is a review of one of our favorite anthology films, "The Mortuary Collection." Released in 2019, "The Mortuary Collection" is available to stream on Shudder and it's a screaming good time. It stars Clancy Brown and is a collection of chilling tales. Each vignette is unique and accompanied by am unexpected twist. Have you seen it? Which story was your favorite?

May 14, 2021  

School’s Out Forever! Part II

In this episode, we are headed back to school for Haunted Campuses Part II! There were still so many to talk about so we had to do another episode!
We will be discussing the creepy campuses of Fordham University, East Tennessee State University, New York University and Transylvania University (not in Romania haha). Any of these schools your alma mater? Did you see any ghosts or have any weird experiences while attending? Email us all your spooky stories and we will share them on the podcast!
May 7, 2021  

A Mother’s Love

"Tell me about your mother..... "
It's Mother's Day weekend, and we had to celebrate by discussing some of our favorite scary films featuring moms!  Let's be honest, kids can drive parents batty, but can they drive you to the state of some of these gals?  This episode we'll talk all about some of our favorites including "Serial Mom," "The Others," "Mama," and "Psycho."
Remember, mother loves you very much......

May 2, 2021  

Haunted Toronto

This episode is dedicated to our Canadian listeners! We love Toronto and can't wait to visit post-COVID. In this episode we discuss some of our favorite haunted locations like the Christie Mansion, Casa Loma, Black Creek, and the Elgin & Winter Garden Theater.

April 23, 2021  

“Into the Dark: Blood Moon” Review

A kid named Luna, a transformation on the 21st of the month, and a mysterious mom on the run? Yep, must be a movie about werewolves. Well, of sorts. This movie review features the episode "Blood Moon" from Hulu and Blumhouse's "Into the Dark" series. Did you watch it? What did you think?

April 16, 2021  

Boooooook Club: The Good House

We're avid readers and this episode is all about boooooooook club. We picked "The Good House" by Tananarive Due. We loved this one for many reasons, but for those of you looking to read more horror from diverse authors this is a real winner. Ms. Due also happens to be a decorated professor at UCLA where she teaches a course titled, "The Sunken Place: Racism, Survival and the Black Horror Aesthetic"
March 26, 2021  

Women That Haunt Your Dreams

We're almost to the weekend, which means it's time for a new episode. As we close out Women's History Month, we thought we'd discuss some of our favorite female ghosts from around the world. In this episode we discuss La Planchada, the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, the Bell Witch, and Kuchisake-onna.

March 19, 2021  

Eff You Lucky Charms!

It wouldn't be St. Paddy's Day week without talking about the cult classic, "Leprechaun!" In this episode, we discuss all things Warwick Davis and Jennifer Aniston (in her breakout role) as well as some other fun facts you may not know. Is it the best film you've ever seen? Ehhhh, no. Do you laugh a little harder each time you watch it? Definitely. 

March 11, 2021  

The Hallow Review - Stay Out of the Woods & Leave the Bars on Your Windows

Don't go into the forest. Trust your pets. If there are bars on the windows of your new residence, leave them there. This episode is a review of the 2015 film "The Hallow," which hits on some of our favorite horror movie stereotypes. While it had some familiar plot points, we loved the creative scientific spin on fairies. It's worth a watch!

March 10, 2021  

Featured Irish Creatures, Not an Irish Creature Feature

Ever wonder why there's a saying about screaming like a banshee?  Or where the true legend of the Headless Horseman came from?  Well, we've got your answers. In this episode, we discuss a few creatures from Irish mythology in honor of Irish American Heritage month. We discuss the banshee, the phooka, the abhartach, and the dullahan. Listen with the lights on!

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